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Tips On How To Ask A Girl Out

Tips to Ask a Girl OutThere is nothing more exciting than meeting a girl that makes your heart skip a beat every time you see her, but that skipping can quickly turn to a ferocious pounding when it comes time to ask her out. Never have the few words that need to be uttered to offer the invite, seemed so large and difficult to get out. It feels like your tongue is swollen and all rational thought has left the building. The reality is that the girl will either say yes or no, and you just have to get it into your head that a negative response will not be the end of the world. That said, it’s definitely much better when you hear that “yes,” and there are actually a few tips that you can follow to make that response the most likely of the two.

The first thing you have to consider is what she actually thinks of you. If this is a girl that you have kind of known for a while through friends, but who has never really given you the time of day, it may just be that she isn’t interested. If you have had zero interaction with her during the previous meetings, or if she has seemingly gone out of the way to ignore you, it might be a good idea to keep your feelings to yourself. Then again, she may just be playing it cool, or perhaps she is just really shy. If you are not sure about how she feels about you, try asking a friend for some background info. See if she has mentioned you before, or if she has a boyfriend already. A little bit of advance knowledge can save you from future embarrassment.

If the girl you want to ask out is someone that you are meeting for the first time, you may want to interact a little before popping the question. It’s easy to be smitten by a beautiful girl, but it may end up that her personality doesn’t match very well with yours. If you find that you are getting along just fine, take the time to find out about the types of things she likes and really listen to her responses. Getting a feel for the types of things she likes you do will make it easier for you to choose a date venue that she will be more likely to agree to. For example, if she talks about sport, ask her if she’s like to go catch a ball game. Asking her out on a date that is specific to what she likes will make her believe that you have really been paying attention, which always scores big brownie points with girls.

Timing is an important part of asking a girl out on a date, and you should always try to do it during a high point in the conversation. Too many guys make the mistake of trying to build up the courage to ask, only to blurt out the question at the most awkward and inopportune of times. Wait until the conversation is flowing naturally, and try to get her in a moment where you have made her laugh. When she is feeling good about talking to you, she is more likely to respond in the positive when asked on a date. Again, if the talk is about sports, you should come out with a phrase like, “we really should catch a game together sometime.” The way that the statement is phrased is ambiguous enough to be construed as friendly, but if she is interested in you, she is likely to ask you if you are asking her out on a date. That gives you the in to say that you are, which you should always do in a confident manner.

No matter how well you are getting along, or how confident you appear, there are going to be times when a girl says no. There is no need to feel rejected, as this is simply part of life. You’ll never know if you don’t ask, and once you know, you can move on. If you do get a rejection, play it cool and act like a gentleman. You never know who might be watching how you behave in such a situation, and there may even be some other girl who is interested in you and is relieved that the competition turned you down. The moral of this part of the story is an old one: there are plenty of other fish in the sea, so don’t set the ones that get away.