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Tips On How To Turn On A Girl

How To Get A Girl To Kiss YouEveryone is already well aware that there are many big differences between women and men, which is something that also spills over into sexual activity. The average guy can be turned on by the sight of cleavage or a flash of upper thigh when a woman wears a short dress, but ladies need a little more than that in order to be sexually aroused. The reality is that when it comes to getting between the sheets, guys are more physical, whereas women need an emotional connection, too. What that basically means is that guys can go from 0-60 in a matter of seconds when it comes to arousal, but with a woman, you need to slowly shift her into high gear in order to truly rev her engine. Let’s take a look at exactly how to do that.

In order to get a girl out of neutral and into drive, you need to lay the groundwork, which means doing little things to get her excited. This can only really happen if she knows that you are interested in her. The easiest way to do that is maintain eye contact when you are talking to her, as well as changing the way in which you talk just a little. Guys seem to think that ogling a woman up and down is the way to express interest, but most women will just find that to be creepy. Talk to her ion a slow, seductive tone, keeping your eyes on her at all times. As you speak, touch her arm when you want to accentuate something. You can also move closer and gently touch her leg if you are sitting side by side. You will be able to tell of she is fully engaged if she keeps her attention on you and doesn’t move away as you get closer. [Read also: How To Know If A Girl Likes You]

Once the excitement level has been upped, you can think about moving her up to the next gear, which is anticipation. This doesn’t mean blurting out what you would like to do when you get her alone, but rather implying certain things and becoming a little more assertive. You need to let her know that you really are genuinely interested in her and that you want to take things to the next step. The best way to do that is to lean in and whisper in her ear, using a combination of flirtatious statements and warm breath that are sure to captivate her senses. If you sense that she is genuinely responding to these moves, you should try becoming a little more assertive with the touching. Gently caress her arm or leg instead of simply placing a hand there. The nape of the neck is another are that raises the excitement level, so try to focus some attention there as well.

If you have been doing all of this right, she will be ready to be sexually satiated, but that doesn’t mean your attempts to turn her on should stop. Women can be turned off pretty quickly, so keep your attention on her and respond to the signals that her body is giving you. If it seems obvious that you are doing something she likes, keep at it. You can also turn her on and make her demand more by moving away from those areas that are titillating her, whilst also moving between other parts that she has responded to. Don’t be afraid to get a little rough, too, but no to the point of causing pain. By rough, we mean pulling her closer to you or picking her up and throwing her onto the bed. Women like when a man takes control and tries to give them pleasure.

Her body language should tell you all you need to know about turning her on. She will want to get as close to you as possible and you may even notice that her face, neck and chest become hot and flushed throughout the process. Watch for other subtle moves that she might make like flick of her hair or when she touches herself. These are all little signs that you attempts to turn her on are working and that you should think about moving up to the next gear.

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