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How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

How To Get A Girl To Kiss YouGuys often make the mistake of trying to figure out how to get to third base with a girl before they have even been given the green light to get to first. Before all of that other good stuff can happen, you have to deliver a first kiss that will blow her away. The problem that many guys have, at least the ones that are just trying to get in the girls pants, is how to go about getting that kiss. It can all become a little awkward as you try to figure out exactly when the right time to move in for a kiss is, while she sits there wanting to be kissed, but playing the lady and not doing anything about it. In this post you will find few simple tips that will help you get that first kiss, with the technique and kissing talent all in your hands.


But before jumping into it, I want to tell you that there is always a shortcut. This is not what you will learn here but I liked the video and thought it is worth to watch:

Pretty impressive right? But yes, it will take some time until you will get such level of confidence + I wouldn’t advice you to try this with a girl you are really interested in… so my advice is to follow the tips below 🙂

Ok, let’s start of by talking about the timing of a kiss and how long you should reasonably wait before making the move. If you have just started dating a girl, you’ll probably want to get to know her a little better before planting one on her. The general rule of thumb is that you should be looking to kiss her on the third date. That may sound like an eternity to some of you, but three dates perfectly walks the line between kissing too soon and waiting too long. If you go beyond the third date, you run the risk of falling into the friendship zone or having the girl starting to believe you aren’t that interested in her. [Read also: How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You]

While the date that you should expect to plant the first kiss may be decided, the part of the date where you actually do it should not be planned. The kiss should come naturally, as opposed to you trying to wedge it in while she is relating some horrific story from her past. Wait for a tender moment or a lull in the conversation and then make your move. When that time comes, you’ll feel it, and she probably will too. What that means is that you shouldn’t ask her if it’s okay to kiss her, but rather just lean in and do it.

That is not to say that you should hit her with an all-out French revolution, if you know what I mean. Keep your tongue where it belongs for the moment, opting instead to deliver a soft, gentle kiss that she is sure to savor. You will have plenty of time to get tongue tied with her if she is receptive to the very first kiss that you deliver. If you have had any sort of experience with women and have been paying attention during those moments, it shouldn’t be that hard to tell if she will be open to the kiss or not. Don’t get inside your own head and start thinking about when will be the right time. Relax and let it all happen naturally.

You can help speed that process along a little mind you, and all you really have to do is give her your complete attention and make her feel special. When she is talking, maintain eye contact and really listen. Touch her hand or arm at the appropriate moments, eventually moving up to holding her hand as she speaks. If she doesn’t remove her hand or shy away from your touch, you can pretty much guarantee that she is ready to be kissed. Guys are pretty much ready to go at the drop of a hat, but girls really need to feel as though they are connecting with you emotionally before they will give themselves over to you.

Waiting a little time before delivering that first kiss will give you the opportunity to gauge the type of person she is and how she feels about affection. If she is shy and reserved, she may not be comfortable with you kissing her in a public place with lots of people around. If you see that she has that personality, think about saving that kiss for the end of the date when you drop her off or walk her to her front door. Timing is everything, and if you want the kiss to be reciprocated with the promise of more to follow, you had better pay attention to the signals that she is sending your way.