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How To Get A Girl To Like You Again

How To Get A Girl To Like You AgainThere is nothing quite like that moment when you start to believe that you may finally have found the girl of your dreams. You start to think of a lifetime spent by her side, sharing all of life’s magical moments together. The future looks bright, but before you know it, clouds start to roll in and the relationship comes to an end. We will all have one or two of those types of experiences in our lives, and we will find a way to get over them. But what if the feeling that “the one” got away still persists? What if you truly believe that the girl who has just gone out of your life really was the person you were meant to be with? In those cases, you need to do all that you can to get her back, and there are some ways you can go about doing just that. Read on to see what you can do to get that special girl back in your arms once more.

The first thing you have to do is think back and figure out why the relationship ended in the first place. Be warned, though, if you do this properly, you just might find out that it was your actions that led to the split. It may seem impossible to you, especially when you think that this was the perfect girl. The problem that tends to arise in that scenario, though, is that you begin to take her for granted, so sure are you that she will be feeling the exact same way about you. She may not be there just yet, which means she may view your comfort as something else, which is usually that you have lost interest in her. The moment a woman feels that her man is no longer giving her the attention she deserves, she will bail.

There are countless reasons why a girl might suddenly decide that the relationship is over, but whatever one she gives, you need to allow her time to come to terms with her feelings. Texting and calling relentlessly just hours after the relationship is over will only push her further away from you. The occasional text to ask her how she is doing is fine. This will allow her to see that you care about how she feels, but it must be done without applying any pressure. Something like this would be perfect: “ I was just thinking about you today and was wondering how you were doing.” That type of message serves the dual purpose of letting her know that you are still on her mind and that you are concerned about her well-being.

What you do not want to ever do when trying to get a woman back is appear desperate or needy. When she has had time to recover from the end of the relationship, try to get back on friendly terms, but keep it in the friends zone. Getting her back is not necessarily something that is going to happen overnight, and you need to allow the process the run its course naturally. Be friendly and charming, but try to avoid flirting with her, even if she starts to do it first. This is hard, especially when you are desperate to have her back as your girl, but she needs to see that the road back isn’t going to be easy. Showing her that it is may just encourage her to leave again, knowing that you will easily come crawling back to her every time.

The goal here is not to make her feel bad or somehow unworthy, so refrain from ever being rude or ridiculing her attempts at flirting. Watch what she is doing when she thinks you aren’t looking, as that could well be the key to when she is ready to respond favorably to your advances. Try to see if she is looking at you when you are engaged in conversation with others. Pay special attention to how she behaves when you are interacting with other girls. Any hints of longing or jealousy are a sure sign that she is ready to be back with you.

If you start to see those signs, it’s time to start up with the flirting again, although not necessarily full-on right off the bat. Allow her to think that she has wormed her way back into your heart, even though she was already there the entire time. It’s at this point that you should ask her out on a date, confident that she will say yes. [Read also: How To Get A Girl To Kiss You]

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