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Tips On How To Approach Women

Tips On How To Approach WomenThere are few things as nerve wracking for a guy than that moment when they have to approach a woman they are interested in. Even the most confident of guys get that little twinge of fear that rejection might be coming in their very near future. The crippling nature of those thoughts can lead many guys to simply let the woman of their dreams walk away without ever taking the chance on striking up a conversation. If you are quite happy to spend the rest of your life as a confirmed bachelor, then that method will work perfectly for you. If you’d rather actually be able to meet and date women you like, you’ll need to get over that fear and get out there. Here are a few simple tips that will make the experience a little less stressful, even if it ends in rejection:

  1. Go in with a plan – You are likely to fail miserably if you approach a woman with no idea what you are going to say to her. Take a moment to compose yourself and think about how you will introduce yourself to her before heading over.  [Also Read: How To Find A Girlfriend]
  2. Get her a drink – It may sound a little clichéd, but offering to buy a woman a drink is still a great ice breaker. Don’t make the mistake of having one sent over to her while you stand there and try to look cool. Introduce yourself first and then ask if you can get her next drink for her.
  3. Give compliments – You have to imagine that most women cringe a little when they see a man approaching them. It’s nothing to do with your appearance, but the likelihood that they are about to get hit with a cheesy line. Try a different approach and compliment her on her perfume, her hair, or an article of clothing that she has on.
  4. Ask questions – A great way to start a conversation is to ask her a question, but don’t make it something ridiculous like asking the time when you are obviously wearing a watch. A good idea if you are out is to ask about the drink she has, which can then lead into you offering to buy her another.
  5. Don’t beat around the bush – While it’s nice to engage in a little bit of small talk, it can soon turn awkward if you keep it going to long. The reason you are there is to get her phone number or ask for a date, so do that, albeit in a natural way that is part of your opening conversation.
  6. Watch your approach – You never know when a woman you like is going to cross your path, but you have to be aware of your surrounding before approaching her. Never creep up on a woman from behind, especially if she is walking down the street on her own. You want her to be totally at ease when you do approach her.
  7. Show your friendly side – Being nervous can often lead to your face displaying a strained or agitated expression. This may lead a woman to believe you have bad intention in mind as you approach. Try to be casual and smile, so that she knows you are friendly and trustworthy.
  8. Maintain eye contact – A woman is likely to see you coming from across the room, but may not necessarily be aware that you are coming to talk to her. Let her know your intentions by maintaining eye contact with her and flashing your best smile.
  9. Talk it up – If you have been paying attention to these tips, you will have a conversation started planned before you reach your target. Try to keep the conversation going as best you can, and don’t just stop the chat after she has agreed to a date or given out her phone number. This opening conversation is where you can get to know her a little better before taking her out.
  10. Look your best – There is an old saying that says you only get one chance to make a good first impression. You can bet that a woman will be forming an impression about you as you approach her. If you are neat and well-groomed, her opinion of you is likely to be a whole lot higher than it would be if you were an unkempt slob.

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