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How To Attract A Woman

tips on how to attrack womanHave you ever been in the same room as a beautiful woman that catches your eye, only to walk away without her ever noticing you? Of course you have. Every guy has been in that situation, when the fear of talking to her or getting her attention overcomes everything else. You might even believe that she wasn’t interested in you because she didn’t look your way, but women are a whole lot different than men in that regard. Guys will be immediately drawn to a beautiful woman with a great body, whereas women are generally more interested in what’s going on between your ears. The things that they find attractive are at the opposite end of the scale from what men do, which means you need to be a lot more than just a pretty face. If women are constantly failing to see you or are just not interested, it may well be that you are missing some of the things they look for. Let’s look at 10 traits that women find attractive in men.

  1. Confidence – This is actually a tough one to master, especially since so many guys make the mistake of crossing the line from confident to arrogant. Confidence is being able to approach a woman and hold a conversation that she finds to be interesting. Arrogance is approaching her and telling her how great a guy you are and how lucky she is to simply be in your presence. Don’t cross that line.
  2. Listening – We spoke in number one about engaging in conversation with women, and the only way you can do that effectively is to actually listen to what they have to say. If you can ask her questions that allow you to learn more about her, whilst also showing that you are interested in what she has to say, she will almost immediately find you a whole lot more attractive.
  3. Grooming – You don’t have to look like some dude from the cover of a fashion magazine, but it helps to put some time and effort into your appearance. Shower, shave and iron your clothes before heading out on the town.
  4. Honesty – It doesn’t matter how smart you thing you are, if you lie to a woman, you are eventually going to trip yourself up. Telling the truth is something you should do all the time, but especially when trying to attract women.
  5. Friendliness – You would be surprised how often girls decide to ignore a guy based on nothing else but the advice of their friends. Take the time to interact with the women she hangs out with. If they like you and think you are nice, they will be happy to put a good word in.
  6. Relentlessness – Now, bear in mind we are not suggesting that you turn into a stalker here. If you are engaged in conversation with a good looking woman, chances are other guys are going to try and butt in to vie for her attention. If you walk away at the first sign of that, you have already lost. Hang in there and keep her focused on you, no matter how hard other guys try to cut in on your action.
  7. Being present – Everyone has had a bad experience with a former girlfriend, but that is not necessarily something women want to hear. It’s one thing to be honest about your feelings, but quite another to dredge up the past and dump it in the lap of someone you are just getting to know.
  8. Straight shooter – The dating scene is full of people that like to play games, and who have weird rules about when to call and other such nonsense. Dispense with the gamesmanship and behave like an adult if you want a woman to take you seriously.
  9. Thoughtfulness – Getting a woman attracted to you usually involves getting into her mind as well as her heart. If she is thinking about you, there is a good chance she will become attracted to you. You can plant that seed by dropping a text at night, just to let her know you are thinking about you. She is almost certain to have you on her mind when her head hits the pillow.
  10. Natural guys – It is not necessary to develop some wacky character in order to get a girl interested in you. Act naturally and let her get to know the REAL you.

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